Saturday, September 30, 2000

Announcing Our Third San Francisco Meeting With a Mailing to Local Treatment Providers

On Sept. 27, the LSR Service Center in the persons of Gillian E., Marjorie J. and Marty N. got out a mailing to 110 San Francisco treatment providers announcing the opening of our third San Francisco meeting.

The mailing consisted of a cover letter (PDF copy attached), a flyer suitable for posting (PDF copy attached), a flyer promoting the forthcoming new book, Presenting LifeRing Secular Recovery: a Selection of Readings for Treatment Professionals (PDF copy of flyer attached), and a copy of our local area meeting schedule.

We used the mailing list previously downloaded from SAMHSA as described previously.

It took the three of us about two hours to produce the mailing from composition to mailbox. Total cost around $65.

-- Marty N.

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