Thursday, May 1, 2003

LifeRing Service Center, Press, Move to New Office

A Place Of Our Own

Marjorie posts temporary door sign on our new home. Gillian gets high on the ladder to brighten up the ceiling. Chet makes like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence.
Chet and Marjorie assembling the rubber-like steel shelving. Ta-daa! Ready to hold boxes of LifeRing Press books. Syl fights off the great white cardboard box shark.
Lloyd, George and Ellen get down with the shipping desk. It got pretty chaotic sometimes but, heck, we're used to that! Chet prepares to tape Mark.
Lloyd, George, Marty (in rear), Chet pile the wagons high. Laurie and Mark ham for the camera.. Marylou helps put things back together the next day.
During the week of April 7-13 '03, LifeRing Press and the LifeRing Service Center moved to new office space. Lots of volunteers made the move short work and a good time. The new space is bigger and more versatile, and more important: it's all our own! Please mark the new mailing address:

1440 Broadway Suite 312
Oakland CA 94612-2023

The phone number, fax, and email remain the same:

Tel: 510-763-0779
Fax: 510-763-1513 (Service Center) (Press)

Come to the Office Warming Party May 23, 2003

Caroline gets the shipping desk ready for action. She also repaired the supply cabinet.

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