Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meeting Money: Two Cheers

LifeRing meetings regularly send money collected in the basket or from books sold to the Service Center in Oakland. A volunteer at the Service Center enters the information into the computer and issues a receipt.

Here is an example of a useful report from a meeting convenor about money collected. Note the following good points:

  • The meeting number is given. This simplifies our computer entry.
  • The money collected is broken down by meeting date. Good!
  • The money is broken down between basket money and book money. Important for our bookkeeping!
There's only two small problems. One, the signature is illegible. This convenor's name and contact information probably aren't in our database. Consequently we can't send a receipt -- we sent a receipt anyway, but to another person in the meeting. Two, the amounts don't add up right -- the subtotals come to $186 but the money order is for $176.

Two cheers! We love getting detailed breakdowns of the money by date and source. Thank you! But please help us by spelling out your name and contact info so if there is a problem we can get in touch with you. Thank you.

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