Saturday, October 6, 2007

Letter from a counselor about the workbook

My Agency is _________. We are part of ______ medical center. I have read the 3rd edition [of the Recovery by Choice workbook] and loved it. ... Ideally I would like to use samples from the book to have the client work on between my 10 session relapse prevention groups. I have already encouraged one of my clients to buy the book online and gave him your website. I have discussed what I am doing with my supervisor but still need to talk our director to see if the hospital will fund this or whether me and my supervisor will have to foot the bill. Ideally I would want all counselors to use the book and encourage their clients to buy it. So I am still working on the details of my project. I am going to talk to our director this week about the project but in the mean time I am encouraging my clients to purchase the book on line.


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