Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Help from Professionals

This email came to the LifeRing Service Center a couple of days ago:

Hello LifeRing;

I am researching LifeRing and seriously considering getting a meeting started here in ______. ... I am looking for some guidance on how to become a convenor and start a meeting. ... I have 19 months sobriety this time around, almost exclusively without a 12 step program. I'm a participant at my CDRP at Kaiser Permanente. In fact, it is my therapist who suggested looking into starting a meeting.

I am very impressed with what I've discovered so far about LifeRing. I just finished listening to LifeRing 101 on my computer. I just ordered the workbook and "How's your week" from the website. ...

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


Note the line, "it is my therapist who suggested looking into starting a meeting." A very similar thing happened a few weeks ago in another city hundreds of miles away from the above: a counselor not only suggested that the client start a LifeRing meeting but set up the room and the time slot.

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