Monday, September 28, 2009

Another (unanswered) call for help to LifeRing Partners

Email received at the LifeRing Service Center today:

I am married to an alcoholic who is currently attending AA meetings and finds them helpful and fulfilling.  I am looking for ways to help myself heal emotionally and cope with her recovery; she strongly recommends Al-Anon, AA's companion organization for friends and loved ones, but I am uncomfortable with the 12-step format and the religious content.  LifeRing was, I believe, recommended by an acquaintance (it may have been my father-in-law, come to think of it) and looking over the website, the LifeRing Partners program sounds perfect for me.  Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck finding a schedule of LifeRing Partners meetings in the Northern California area.  Is one available, and if so, where might I find it?



Dear A:

A quick answer.  LifeRing Partners as of today is "all hat and no cattle."  Energy has been put into drafting a Statement of Principles (how nice!) but so far no one has stepped forward to actually organize anything. Sooner or later someone with the talent and tenacity to turn this concept into a living reality will appear.  Watch the website for announcements.   


Bud said...

There are partners and other "loved ones" of people in recovery that come to Lifering meetings. I presume they are getting something out of it or they wouldn't be coming back.

I suggest you go to a regular Lifering meeting. Identify yourself as the partner of someone in recovery and let the group know you seek support. I think you'll find some.

Anonymous said...

you are welcome at all lifering meetings as someone dealing with (a loved one's) addiction

the online chat has regular meetings, and also open chat all other times.

depending upon with whom you speak, some people will understand your situation

Anonymous said...

the people in the meetings are there because they had an issue with alcohol, street drugs, mental illness, compulsion disorders, emotional upset, perscription abuse, and anyone related in some way to a person with one or more of the above issues is also very welcome to be a part of the group.

You'll find yourself warmly welcomed and soon feeling right at home. You should encourage your wife to also come and be among the friendly crowd.