Thursday, September 3, 2009

Using Craigslist to Get the Word Out

Convenor David F. in San Rafael California has been using Craigslist to get out the word about the LifeRing meetings in Marin County.  Here is a PDF download of a recent item.  Because Craigslist automatically deletes notices after seven days, you have to stay on top of it and repost the notice regularly.

Notice the introduction, describing what we do, what our basic philosophy is, key points of our meeting format, all in easy-to-understand language and in a few words.  It concludes with links for the reader who wants to know more.  Meeting locations are hyperlinked to maps for easy access. 

This is a tool for helping meetings grow that can be used anywhere there's Craigslist.  Does it work?  Well, the meetings in Marin County have been growing. And it's free.

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Michael Walsh - Convenor, Victoria BC said...

I use Craigslist and UsedVictoria for getting the word out, and they are excellent uses of FREE marketing/advertising on the internet.

I am sure hundreds of people would not have known about LifeRing had it not been for these sites.

Check out or