Monday, November 2, 2009

LifeRing Training in Sacramento Nov. 21

Following up on the well-reviewed Sept. 19 LifeRing training in Oakland, I'll be co-presenting a new LifeRing training for treatment professionals in Sacramento on Saturday, Nov. 21.  This'll be in part a replay of the Sept. 19 presentation in Oakland, and in part an entirely new and exciting event, with the addition of my co-presenter, Dr. B.J. Davis of Strategies for Change.  Dr. Davis is, of course, the author of the new DVD, What is Recovery?  A Quality of Life Analysis (available from LifeRing Press), and a frequent and dynamic presenter at professional conferences.  Here's an online flyer with the information about the event.  As in Oakland, there'll be 6 (six) CEUs available for treatment professionals.  Even better than Oakland, which cost $10, this event is FREE.  LifeRing convenors and other participants are, of course, invited to sit in.

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