Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And now, Liability Insurance

LifeRing Treasurer Robert Stump reports that the whole LifeRing network is now covered by a general commercial liability policy. 

We now have a NIAC Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy covering the fifty states and Canada. It became effective 5/11/09 and will last one year. This policy will cover any liability and/or property damage  that might occur at any of your weekly LifeRing meetings. Personal injury and property damage are up to the limits of the policy stated here.    

 The following is a highlight of some of the coverage:

  • General Aggregate                                           $2,000,000
  • Products-Completed Operation Aggregate           2,000,000
  • Personal & Advertising                                       1,000,000
  • Each Occurrence Limit                                      1,000,000
  • Fire Damage (Any One Fire)                                 500,000 
  • Medical Expense (Any One Person)                       20,000 

The insurance policy will be on file at the Service Center in Oakland. For any questions please contact the Service Center, service@lifering.org or me, Robert Stump at CFO@lifering.org
This policy won't make any difference to most LifeRing convenors, because we've never had a claim or are likely to ever have a claim, but in a few cases it will make the difference between having a meeting or not having it.  Some churches and other meeting room providers absolutely require organizations to have such insurance.  Well, now we have it.  If you are a convenor for whom this is an issue, you will need a copy of the Declarations Page to show the meeting room provider.  Contact Robert at CFO@lifering.org for a copy.

This policy is also another part of the answer to the question sometimes asked: what happens to the money we send in to the Service Center.  

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