Wednesday, May 20, 2009

His Excellent Adventure

The LifeRing Expo May 9-10 is already fading into memory.  You can read the quasi-'official' wrap-up I wrote on the (aka website, with some photos by Karen Ivy, here.  But to really get the flavor of the event, particularly for a traveler who came a considerable distance, you have to read "My Excellent Expo Adventure," by Craig Whalley, here.  Craig's account is all the more interesting because he is mainly an online participant -- he is listmeister of two lists and online contact for a third -- and does not have a face-to-face meeting he can go to.  What's it like when online participants meet face to face for the first time?  Craig writes well, and has a good eye for the quirks and foibles that make people human and lovable.  Worth reading.  It would be good if more people followed Craig's example and wrote such journals.

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