Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your input needed on website redesign project

A major redesign is in the works for the (a/k/a website.  Whether it needs it or not (LOL!).  The site first launched on June 16 1996 and it's been growing like a kudzu vine ever since.  Now a talented and experienced web designer has stepped forward.  He is Chris Adams. 

Chris' day job is as senior art director for Rolling Orange (see and his personal website is at   He has designed websites for Santa Cruz Snowboards, Giro, RockShox, Bell BMX, Blackburn, Mahlzeit (Zurich), Carnegie Hall, Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis), Electronic Arts, 3M, Andersen Windows, Stanford University, Stanford School of Medicine, Yale University, University of Chicago, Santa Clara University, Covad, Cisco, Borland, QPorter (Zurich Mobile), Straub Hospital & Clinics (Honolulu), Wilcox Health (Kauai), and 3M Dental, among others.  We are in good hands. 

Chris' design process begins by casting as wide a web as possible for user input.  In the coming days, if you have any connection with LifeRing, you will be invited to share your views about the ( website via an online survey.  Your emails, letters, even phone calls are also invited.  Chris and the rest of the LifeRing IT group want to be sure that everyone has a chance to be heard and that no idea is overlooked. 

Two survey forms are now up on the web, asking for your input.  One is for the "general public" -- anyone at all with an interest in LifeRing, especially our online presence.  Click here for that one.  The other is aimed more specifically at LifeRing convenors, who are the living core of this organization.  Click here for the convenor input form.  Both are anonymous, and there's no rule against filling out both.  But do it now, or very soon.  (Survey is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated.)

We hope very much to launch the new design in January, which means an enormous amount of work between now and then, and everyone's timely cooperation is necessary.  I'm excited about this project, and I think you will be too.  We're going to have a top notch professional looking website, and that's going to inspire even greater confidence in the organization and attract even more people to this positive, empowering recovery environment of ours.


Byron said...

There should be some method of verification of meeting attendance for those people needing to show attendance to the courts, their employer, or another 3rd party.

Gadfly said...

Agree with Byron on the online "paper signing." I know SMART does similar.

Other than that, I would have less of the right-hand rail devoted to breaking news and more to other things. I'll add more later, I guess.

Anonymous said...

There is way too much information extolling the virtues of Lifering without explaining the program itself. There is too much detail on the landing pages, and way too many topics fighting for attention. There is too much self-promotion of Lifering and no substance. If you have to tell people where to go to find meetings or convenor info, the site is not working. That's because it is swimming in detail. Pick the top tasks users need (not the leaders, the members) and stick to those to design the site. Keep detail farther in the "drill down"...