Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Desperate in Montana

Cassie Z. from Great Falls Montana wrote to the Service Center yesterday:
My husband and I had a horrible time trying to get any support to stay sober, after we managed to get that way a year ago. AA doesn't fit or agree with everyone. I believe that people who are in Treatment Court that are forced to attend meetings -- AA, because that's all we have -- will quit the day they're able. I hope Lifering will appeal to more people for whom "working the program" just doesn't work. We have 3 or 4 outpatient facilities here, and Mental Health, Probation, etc., that I'm confident will understand my viewpoint and give it a shot, especially if I have the literature and a plan when I pitch it to them. I have 4 or 5 people who have said they'd attend if we had a LifeRing meeting. We have nothing like it in MT; we're desperate for a NEW approach.[...] Thank you, and I'm SO excited to get started!
When we get messages like these, we're happy to send a copy of each of our brochures and a copy of the Presenting LifeRing magazine free of charge.  Once Cassie and her husband have a meeting room and a date and time that we can post on the web, we'll be happy to send them a display copy of each of our other publications.  

Because we are such a low-budget operation, we cannot afford to send free copies of our books and bundles of brochures to everyone who writes in with the intention to start a meeting.  I wish we could, but we'd go broke.

We will send display copies of books and bundles of brochures to meetings on invoice (without advance payment), once they have a place and time, but we expect the convenors to pay for the literature once their meeting has got enough money from passing the basket, however long that may take.  

We have sometimes received donations from supporters earmarked to buy books for a specific meeting, or to buy books for new meetings in general, and we're happy to honor those.  


jonathan said...

I'm born and raised in Great Falls, Montana and I'm looking for people to begin a LifeRing/Rational Recovery type group. Please contact me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the late reply/comment..RR is alive and well in montana. However, RR is NOT like the stuff you are used to. For example there are NO support meetings. Just mercifully brief instruction. You will learn to spot the addictive voice..yes jonathan--I am reading it loud and clear