Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Convenor web site desiderata

Chris A., who is working up a new design for the lifering.org website, is asking an important question:  Why do convenors come to the website?  What are they looking for?  What do they do when they get there?

Truth, we don't know the answers very well, and we need to know.  The new website design will have a convenor section.  What should be there?

Here are some random guesses what convenors are looking for on the LifeRing website:
  • To check that their meeting is correctly listed
  • To find out if they're "doing it right"
  • To see how other convenors handled similar issues they're facing
  • To get questions answered about the convenor role
  • To get information about our books, brochures
  • To get more supplies when they run out
  • To share something interesting or frustrating that happened
  • To see copies of documents like nonprofit status papers or insurance 
  • To get information about upcoming events (Congress/Expo)
  • To get reinforcement for being in the convenor role
  • To see what is happening in or with the network
  • To connect with other convenors
  • To learn more about LifeRing history and background
  • To find possible substitute convenors for themselves
  • To make announcements about holiday closures 
  • To find out what to do with money and signup sheets
If you're a LifeRing convenor, past present or future, please post a comment here with your desiderata for the convenor section of the coming new LifeRing website.  Thanks!


Gadfly said...

I think the shared stories and ideas, plus feedback, on running meetings, promoting interest, etc., is important.


Lee said...

I come to the site to see what is new/improved/in the works, get assistance in starting new meetings and checking to see how others conduct their meetings.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the convenor training handbook available to everyone online. We should not have to pay for the book to learn the best techniques. Even current convenors might want as a refresher.